The Curvy Teacher Criticized For Dressing ‘Too Sexy’ Has Been Reprimanded

Patrice Brown, now known as #TeacherBae, made national headlines this week after the Internet deemed her tight clothes “too sexy” for school. Brown’s critics went on social media and blasted the teacher, who often posted her controversial outfits on Instagram, for wearing “clubwear” to teach Atlanta’s bright young minds. Though, on the opposite side of the controversy, Brown’s supports criticized the critics for sexualizing her noticeably curvy body. Now, Atlanta Public Schools are addressing the uproar.

APS has issued a statement following all the hoopla surrounding Brown’s choice of clothing. According to the administrators, Brown isn’t a teacher, but a paraprofessional with the district and has been “given guidance regarding the APS Employee Dress Code.” A quick look at the district’s policy does label “immodest dress, tight or otherwise revealing” as being considered unacceptable, as well as jeans not worn for special projects and activities.

Brown, whose Instagram page now has over 160,000 followers since the “sexy clothes” kerfuffle started, was also “given guidance on the use of social media and Georgia Code of Ethics for educators.” Administrators added Brown has been “cooperative” in addressing her newfound social media fame, which is probably why her popular Instagram page has now gone private. Pictures posted on the account that showcased Brown posing in her classroom have also been deleted.

(via 11 Alive)