This Two-Minute Binge On America’s Weight-Loss Problem May Be Tough To Swallow

America has a huge problem. Texting and driving is definitely one of them. How Donald Trump says the word ‘huge,’ possibly another. The third is undoubtedly Thiago Silva’s glazed donut filled with an entire cinnamon bun.

But obesity takes the cake. As Beth Stelling tells us in the third episode of The Desk, 160 million Americans are either obese or overweight. Million with an “m.” Meaning? America is fat. And not “ph” phat… the kind that Albert was.

Want to know why? One reason could be because McDonald’s is the biggest toy distributor in the U.S. Not Target, Walmart or Toys“R”Us… and toys are them. Another could be because we melt cheese on things that already have cheese in them.

Other reasons? All clearly laid out in the video above, shot live on location next to sweaty people on treadmills. Have a peek.

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