This Video Of Gummy Candies Being Made Is ‘Don’t See TV’ For Any Candy Lover

Gummy candies are delicious. There really is no debating this. No matter the shape or flavor, most everything gummy in nature can get right up in my mouth. Add some sour sugar to it? Oh, you’re crazy, but I like you. How about some crunchy Nerd-like candies to give it a little bit of some texture? You know it, put that sexy in my face. There really has never been an instance that I can remember where I turned down a handful of gummies. I’d even eat leftover bachelorette party gummies if you know what I mean. Zero shame up in here. Hell, vitamins come in gummy form now, that’s how you know everyone loves them. Your Mom loves gummies, and that’s not even a cut-down.

That’s why the above video hurts so bad. It’s literally showing us how the gummy sausage is made, and I’m not even sure it’s not the newest trailer for season six of American Horror Story. This honestly might be a scene from The Conjuring 3.

Here is the description of the video above that you definitely shouldn’t watch if you love gummies:

‘Over Eten’ (On Food) is a tv show focussing on our present knowledge about food, produced by the news department of flemish public broadcaster VRT, Belgium. This ‘Gelatine’ video tells the reversed story of how gelatine candy is actually produced. Starting from wrapped candy, going all the way back to the living pig. Just by showing a series of reversed images it reveals a detailed and truthful story on daily foods and its origin. This video ‘Gelatine’ is one in a series of reversed stories on sugar, crisps, black pudding, rabbit stew, lamb burger, pastry and mozzarella. credits for ‘Gelatine’: director Alina Kneepkens, research Greet Verhaert, editor in chief Bart Mutton.

Oh, for sh** sake. It’s like someone pulled the mask off Mickey Mouse and he’s Vin Diesel. Everything is the worst right now. All this time I thought gummy was made of gummy but in actuality, gummy is made of bacon. Wait, gummy bacon sounds delicious! WHAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW?! I’m going to need some time to myself.

(Via BroBible)