This Man Going ‘Full Goat’ As He Crosses The Alps Is A Reminder That Being Weird Is Awesome

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Meet Thomas Thwaites, a 34-year-old artist who’s always wanted to know what it’d be like to be an animal. As a kid, he wanted to know what it’d be like to be a cat (mainly because cats don’t go to school) and, most recently, he’s decided that what he really wanted to know was what it’d be like to be a goat crossing the alps. You know, just to get away from it all. While the rest of us might de-stress by watching Netflix and eating an entire pizza, Thwaites decided he wanted to build himself some prosthetics, eat grass, and try to cross the alps with the goats that he so admired for their perseverance.

Thwaites didn’t do it alone, though; he asked for help from an agency (The Wellcome Trust), who provided him with funds that allowed him to ship out to a goat farm where he spent several days being one with the goats (who were probably all very confused about what was going on) by testing out the prosthetics and even eating grass, which goats do on the regular, but probably isn’t very nutritious for humans. As someone who’s eaten grass, I can tell you with certainty it’s not a particularly pleasurable experience.

Still, Thwaites, who’s a graduate of the Royal College of Art Design Interactions and boasts building a toaster from scratch as part of his impressive resume, says that his time with the goats was amazing:

It was a very, I don’t know, a very special kind of time. The thing is, it became an investigation into how close we can come to fulfilling this ancient human dream because I did a bit of research and you quickly find cave paintings, of half human-half beasts and in fact this shows up in the earliest piece of figurative art, a statuette.

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