Tinder Offered This Woman A Scholarship After Her Sorority Kicked Her Out For Using The App

Let’s play bad look, good look. Bad Look: A sorority kicking a sister out for using Tinder. Good Look: Tinder giving that former sister a year-long scholarship for sticking up for herself.

University of Nebraska Omaha student Shannon Workman is getting a year of school paid for by the popular dating app after the Chi Omega sorority attempted to boot her over her Tinder profile. Chi Omega recently found that a photo of Workman wearing a Chi Omega shirt in a profile picture violated the sorority’s “Human Dignity” rule and attempted to kick her out of the sorority, but Workman quit before they had the chance.

The whole thing is pretty silly, especially when you consider that Tinder pulls its photos from Facebook profiles. And Tinder seems to agree. The company is throwing in behind Workman, with CEO Sean Rad telling BuzzFeed that they “think what Shannon did sends a very empowering message to young women and college students.”

In addition, Tinder offered Workman an internship at the West Hollywood-based company.

“It’s the first time we reached out to someone whose story inspired us and asked them to be part of the team,” Rad said. “Her actions showed a depth of leadership and courage that is admirable and something we value as part of our company culture. We always want to stand up for our users who stand up for us.”

Workman said that Tinder’s offer is “absolutely amazing,” but hasn’t decided whether or not to take them up on their internship offer.