Looking At These Tiny Houses Will Thrill Your Inner Minimalist


Tiny houses are where it’s at. Matt Bonner knows this, and so do all the people who watch Tiny House Nation. Forget the grandiose floor plans of yesteryear. Tiny houses are affordable, they’re cozy, and they let you cut down on the amount of stuff you own. Not to mention the time you’ll save on cleaning all 250 square feet of your diminutive domicile.

Sure, there are downsides to living in such a small space. As Housely points out, tiny house owners generally suffer from a lack of privacy and personal space (try stomping angrily to the other end of the house when it’s six feet away), and you also have to cut down on the amount of stuff you own. But for more and more people, the tradeoffs are worth it.

If you’re on the fence about the trend, let us illumine you. Below are 10 gorgeously twee houses that will inspire you to cut back once and for all.

The “Hawaiian House”, Tiny Heirloom

The Roanoke, Tumbleweed Houses

Tiny Living, Tiny Home Builders

The Boulder, Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses

The Hiatus, Tongue & Groove Tiny Homes

The Mayflower, Wind River Tiny Homes

Hut on Sleds, Crosson Architects

The Yosemite, Valley View Tiny House Company

The Amalfi, Mint Tiny House Company

Keep On the Sunny Side, Brevard Tiny House Company