The Universe Has Blessed Us With A Tituss Burgess Brand Of Pinot Noir

You know you have a problem when you break into a falsetto slide every time you open a bottle of Pinot Noir. Now, the universe and the entrepreneurial gods that rule it have offered up the perfect solution: Tituss Burgess-branded Pinot Noir.

Announced today on Burgess’ Instagram, the wine is being sold through the website PinotByTituss, which is itself branding perfection from the landing page that has you click “YASSSS” if you’re over 21.

At $24.99 a bottle, the wine is available for order right now, and will ship out starting March 14. Which means that it will arrive right in time for the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt viewing party that you’re undoubtedly going to be throwing when season two is released on April 15.

And for any of you who haven’t seen Netflix’s hugely popular series and are currently scratching your heads at this strange wine hype, this image should be is all you need:

Well, that, and the entire Netflix series. Go. Watch it. Then hurry back, we all have pinot to drink!