Watch The Fable Of The Tortoise And The Hare Get Confirmed Once And For All


Remember when your parents used to tell you that “slow and steady wins the race,” and your teachers read you “The Tortoise and the Hare” to prove that confidence means nothing when you don’t have anything to back it up? Remember how, even at an early age, you kind of assumed all that was bullshit and were certain that, if given the opportunity to witness a tortoise/hare race in real life, the hare would be the smart bet?

Well, it turns out we were all wrong. According to the below video, which was posted yesterday and has already amassed over seven million views — many, we’re sure, from kids who are sending it to their parents and apologizing for not believing them in the first place.

Check it out:

The one thing that’s important to consider here — and we wouldn’t want to take anything away from your enjoyment of fables coming to life — is that the rabbit seems scared as hell of everything going on. That doesn’t mean the tortoise didn’t win fair and square (it just kept trudging along), but this race could have had a very different outcome if it had been conducted in a more quiet environment and there were treats (and the possibility of human children) to bite, in order to spur the bunny along.

It’s still a fun watch, though, and a nice reminder that even if you aren’t flashy, or flopsy, or able to jump real high, you can still be a winner!

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