Look Upon Your Favorite Foods Re-Titled With Their Total Calories, Ye Mighty, And Despair

We’re a little obsessed with food here, but a food obsession can quickly go too far into “Bart Simpson with a washcloth on a stick” territory. That’s where Calorie Brands comes in. They photoshop some of our favorite fast food selections, popular snacks, and guilty pleasures if they were re-titled as the number of calories you’d be consuming if you inhaled the entire package at one go, which we’d totally never do, right?

We also learned some interesting equivalencies, like there being 1,905 calories in a bag of Oreos (WORTH IT) compared to 1,823 calories in a box of Cheerios, meaning we’d rather take the bag of Oreos for breakfast. That’s how healthy eating works, I’m certain.

Soon we’re going to have new nutrition labels to point out all of the extra sugar we’re eating, but in the meantime we have Calorie Brands to remind us there are four to five thousand calories in every little jar of peanut butter or hazelnut spread, and a syrupy 760 calories in a bottle of ketchup. Note to self: No more chugging ketchup.

Most of these are such a bummer, you guys. We could really go for a drink right about now…


(Via Gizmodo and Calorie Brands on Instagram)