This Video Of Teens Train-Surfing Past The Eiffel Tower Will Give You A Panic Attack

Oh hey, you feeling good? That’s great, because what you’re about to see will either inspire you to visit Paris and do something crazy (just like the guys in this video) or will give you a technicolor panic attack right at your desk. Possibly both. In any case, if you enjoyed this video of a guy jumping off a waterfall (terrifying, disastrous) or this one, in which two dudes climbed the world’s second-tallest building to take a selfie, you’re bound to love the dizzying terror that is train-surfing in Paris.

Check it out:

The video’s creator, an up-and-coming urban explorer who seems to be down for anything crazy — even if security is involved — says that he and his companions were almost caught during their expedition, but fortunately they were able to make it out clean and deliver these stunning views of Paris by night. You might miss those the first time you watch, though. If you’re anything like us, then you’ll probably need to roll the clip back and watch again because when the realization that these guys are on a moving train hits, your blood pressure will absolutely skyrocket (for at least 30 seconds). Hey, that’s one way to beat the mid-day slump.