Our 2019 Travel Gear Guide Will Make You Want To Trade Your Christmas Gifts


The holidays are over. The gifts have been distributed, the food gobbled, and the grievances aired. It’s time to move into 2019 with a clean slate — ready for adventure, primed to see the world.

To do so, you may need to burn through a few gift cards, return a few whack sweaters, and swap some electronics. It’ll be well worth it. Because a travel-based gift is rooted in chasing lifelong experiences, and that’s the best gift of all. But we’re not profiling every product on the face of the earth, like previous years (those guides and gifts are still available!). For 2019 we’re sticking to the essentials — the core items you need to get fitted and kitted out so that you’re ready to make big moves in 2019.

Like around the world moves. Like “exploring an uninhabited jungle” moves. With our gear guide and an intrepid spirit, you’ll be ready.

SUNGLASSES: Randolph Engineering Aviators or Sportsman — $299

Randolph Frames

These sunglasses are literally the coolest sunglasses on earth and the fact that companies keep making new sunglasses feels odd, in light of this. Jack Nicholson wore these. Paul Newman. Steve McQueen. Why the hell are you experimenting with new looks when those damn icons favored the Randolphs?

Splurge on these and you’ll feel like an adventurer immediately, ready to carve a track through virgin jungles and then tell Hollywood producers all about it at a bar.


TRAIL BLANKET: Kammok Bobcat — $199.00


This blanket — which packs down into a small sack — is your new go-to roadtrip fave. It’s cozy as hell and will be sure to get plenty of cameos in your Insta-travel pics of you in a van or staring at the sea after a surf.

A blanket is a travel essential, obviously, and, for the most part, a blanket is a blanket is a blanket. But this pick — by the very trustable Kammok — is tested to 45-degrees and is lightweight enough to carry on a multi-day trek.