Forget The Kids, Treat Yourself This Halloween

Features Editor


Being a legendary treat giver is important, but there is nothing more important than one’s own happiness (sorry charities and other people), and far too many people will spend Halloween in the dark, pretending that they aren’t home so that they can raid the remnant micro-Crackles and Butterfingers. You deserve better, we want more for you, so below are chocolate treats that you can only experience with some financial adventurousness (recklessness?) and a firmly held conviction that you deserve the finer things in life. And hey, if you’re busy on Halloween, there’s no rule that says you can’t luxuriate on another day — this is America, after all.

Get In The Spirit(s)



If you want to mix chocolates and inebriation, you can easily get your hands on a box of liquor infused candies with spirits like Jim Beam or Baileys Irish Cream. If you want to get a little classier, hit the liquor store and quest for a bottle of chocolate wine. That’s not “wine that pairs nicely with chocolate,” that’s wine with chocolate in it that you can pour into a Jack-O-Lantern bucket and drink with a silly straw — were that your prerogative. You could also just make chocolate martinis or mudslides all night until you’re wearing someone else’s clothes… that’s sort of like putting on a costume, right?

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