Understanding How To Thrive As A Digital Nomad

11.03.16 3 years ago

Way back when, being defined by a single word seemed commonplace. You were a “doctor” or a “teacher” or a “lawyer.” Fortunately, it’s a practice that’s antiquated as all hell. Think about at, at a party do you feel comfortable defining yourself with one word? You’re not just a secretary, student, or debtor. It’s 2016, there’s more to the story than one word and we now realize that. You can be a model and a championship squirrel suit jumper, or a barista manager and a world record holder. Hell, you can be a therapist and a travel writer or a graphic designer and a soldier for positive self affirmation.

This week on the Mad Ones we talked to one of the founders of Triphappy.com, Ben Granas, who operates a team that can’t be defined with just one word. They’re businessmen, sure, but they’re wanderlust-laden travel aficionados, kiln salesman, and the owners and operators of a very useful travel website. Granas found the time to talk with us while in Mexico, setting aside his modern-day-nomad-operation for just a moment to answer our questions about how it’s all possible.

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