The Wegmans Trump Vineyard ‘Boycott’ Hasn’t Worked Out As Expected

02.20.17 2 years ago 2 Comments

Sometimes, drawing attention to something (even if it’s negative attention) isn’t he best idea. Think about it like this: When you were a kid and your parents told you not to do something, didn’t that make you really want to do it? They would tell you to stop jumping on the bed. Therefore, all you wanted to do was jump on the bed, right? Even if you weren’t thinking about it before, now it seemed like the greatest activity in the history of the universe. “I must jump on the bed just to spite them,” you thought.

If you believe this attitude changes as an adult, you’re wrong. And even if you aren’t the one jumping on the bed, there’s a whole cadre of parent-spiters lined up behind you.

So it went in the recent hullabaloo over Trump Wines. Trump branded products have been the target of boycotts at various retailers across the US. The most recent store to face the “wrath” of the anti-Trump coalition is Wegmans Food Markets. The Prince William County chapter of the National Organization for Women called for a boycott of the regional supermarket chain’s Virginia stores because of the sale of wines from Trump Winery. If you didn’t already guess, the winery is owned by the President.

The group planned to boycott the supermarket chain if Wegmans didn’t remove the wine from its stores. “Certainly if Wegmans is carrying Trump wines, I personally will not shop there,” Terry O’Neill, president of NOW told the Washington Post last week.

And then….

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