A PhD Shares The Truth About Bath Salts

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The point of Uproxx’s The Truth series is to illuminate something you might be confused about. The more knowledge the better in this world, and if we can help you understand a topic that’s been puzzling you in the span of a short video, we’ve done our job.

Most episodes are meant to be funny or interesting or provocative — but they’re usually not the difference between life and death. Hypnotherapists and subliminal ads may be persuasive, but they rarely send you running naked through the street. Which makes this episode, “The Truth About Bath Salts,” very important viewing. Because bath salts actually might leave you running naked through the street. Or worse.*

Michael Taffe, PhD at the Scripps Research Institute, explains the effects that bath salts and the drug’s endless variants have on the body. Taffe never talks down to his audience and doesn’t try to scare anyone straight — he simply presents his expertise so that we have all the information we need to feel informed.

*If you were looking for information on real bath salts (maybe something lavender infused), you’ve accidentally landed at the wrong place. Though this video may not be as soothing as a real bath, we’d argue that its definitely worth your time.