This Guy’s Twitter Rant About Being Broke Is So Real It Hurts

07.06.16 2 years ago 29 Comments


Being broke sucks. Especially being broke while working tirelessly to get out of it. It’s a sh*tty, vicious, cycle. When you make it to pay day, you feel like you can rest for a minute, there’s money in your account now. Things are going to start looking up, right? Nope, you quickly remember bills, car payments, debt, student loans, and maybe some groceries if you can swing them.

Budgeting helps, sure. But there will always be the looming fear of a health emergency or the transmission in your car giving out. That budget and savings you were so proud of can disappear pretty quickly when you realize you need a root canal or your car needs a new radiator pump. So you go from splurging on Olive Garden for dinner one night a month to eating nothing but chunk lite tuna fish and $.25 packets of ramen noodles to get back that bit of savings you had.

Twitter user @wenotsocks has some pretty hilarious and brutally honest insight about the broke life and went on about it for a few hours. He’s the guy who reached Twitter stardom when he went on another Twitter rant about moving in with his girlfriend. And now he’s dropping some more wisdom.

If you’ve ever been broke, or are currently broke, you know that the struggle is real. Ramsay Bolton nails it home:

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