Watch These Two Brothers See Color For The First Time

Individuals with normal vision, have it easy. For the color blind population things are different, as we’ve shown you before. But thanks to modern technology and some amazing advancements from enChroma, individuals with color deficiency get a chance to experience true colors without surgery and without too hefty of a price tag — glasses run at around $500 base price.

These two brothers Jimmy and Jace try on a pair and see color for the first time,  props to mom and dad for organizing the rainbow of colors for the test, the work on everyones part resulted in tears all around. Bringing in balloons, beach towels, and a guitar-playing rando to hang out behind the camera? Good on you, Mom.

The video reaches its tipping point however when one of the brothers tries on the glasses and in the thick of a tearful hug he mutters “it’s so bright.” We’ve never been choked up during a “you’ve gotta see this” video before, but this put us at the edge.

After reading up on enChroma, you’ll discover that they’re not just for the colorblind population. These glasses make everyday life for the normal people in the crowd that much more vivid. That is all well and good, but there is something truly incredible about watching a kid see his mom’s eye color for the first time.

Thanks, technology.

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