Uber Will Soon Force Drivers To Take Mandatory Breaks After Extended Shifts


The topic of breaks for Uber drivers was a hot topic in the UK back in January, but now it seems that the company is ready to bring some mandatory changes to its operation in the United States. According to The Washington Post, the company is set to roll out an update that will limit drivers who work extended hours to only 12 hours a day. After this, they will be locked out from the app:

The update, expected to be rolled out nationally over a two-week period, will prompt drivers to take a six-hour break after 12 cumulative hours behind the wheel. Drivers will receive a warning after 10 hours of driving uninhibited by a six-hour break. A second warning will come after the 11th hour, and a third notification will serve as a 30-minute warning.

After 12 hours, the app will automatically go offline, Uber says, and drivers will be unable to pick up fares for six hours. After the mandatory rest period, the app will reactivate.

This is similar to the changes being introduced in the UK, though the rest period there would go into effect after 10 hours. According to The Post, these changes are a bit of self-regulation and a way to make the work safer for drivers:

The latest update applies that change nationally. The company said the update is not necessarily driven by the regulations that exist, but rather a push to improve safety and raise awareness of drowsy driving.

“We want to keep our riders and drivers safe,” said Sachin Kansal, Uber’s Director of Product Management. “The approach we have taken is irrespective of who’s responsible for managing this. We want to help the drivers manage that in the app so they have all the visibility, so they know how much they can drive and when they need to go offline.”

If anything, this is a positive change for drivers after the terrible 2017 the company had. They still have a long way to go, but the public relations for these moves should be helpful.

(Via The Washington Post)

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