This ‘Literary Map’ Of The UK Will Have You Planning A Trip


The UK is a bookish place. There are pubs to read in. Coffee houses. Tea rooms. Hotels. The Tube. You can read with whiskey or a pint in front of a fire and feel time expand in a deeply pleasurable way. The nation has also been the inspiration for plenty of books. In fact, when you see them all together, they begin to overlap, as the literary map below makes oh so clear.

Emily Bronte’s eternal story about how sometimes your heart wants a jerk, Wuthering Heights, takes place practically next door to the touching, sensitive children’s story The Secret Garden. Master of the creepy romantic thriller Daphne Du Maurier and detective story pioneer Arthur Conan Doyle share Devon and Cornwall with Jane Austen. And so on.


What’s neat is that this highlights how easy it is to visit a lot of places you’ve only read about, in a relatively small nation. It’s far from complete, of course, but if you’re a voracious reader who wants to get a sense of those dramatic locations, it’s a useful start. So go! Read! Bask in the words!

Just don’t try to find your Heathcliff. Because come on, Heathcliff was an ass.

(via QuickQuid)

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