Ukrainian Domino’s Is Putting The Emphasis On The ‘Pie’ Part Of Pizza Pie

Did you just wake up in a cold sweat, terrified that you didn’t know what was going on with the state of pizza vendors in Ukraine? Us too. Thankfully, we’re now all back in the loop. (No, it’s not pysanka pizza, but it is fun to imagine.)

Oh right, the development. Brand Eating has discovered that the Ukrainian wing of Domino’s is serving up an intriguing/intimidating hybrid of pizza and non-pizza pie. These circles of culinary mystery have been dubbed “Domino’s Pies” and use the company’s pizza dough as the crust with pie filling serving as the, er, pie filling. Does that sound good? Could a grandmother from the 1920s place it on her windowsill with confidence? Does the Ukrainian Noid have a pro-Putin stance? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

If you’d like to purchase one of the Domino’s Pies, there’s a quartet of options to choose from. Cherry, Cottage Cheese, Poppy Seed, and Apple are your options. Well, provided you’re not in the band Warrant, in which case Cherry is either mandatory or forbidden. The Poppy Seed edition of the pie is tucked up at the top of the post if you’re in the mood to take a good long gander

A Domino’s Pie will set you back $5.46 USD or 149 UAH and they sell tomato juice, too, which means you can MacGyver a pizza if things go south. After all, it’s been scientifically proven (NEEERRRRRRDDDDSSS!) that pizza is the most addictive food out there. Can the pies top ’em or will they just enable our addictions more and more?

(Via Brand Eating)