Underwater Hotels Are Coming, Are You Ready?

Forget surface hotels. The new place to be is under the water. Specifically, in one of Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels’ mod, see-through sleeping pods.

Puase just one sec: To completely crush your hopes and dreams of renting one of these out for NYE, they’re not exactly a reality yet. But with news of the Key West-based company moving into the testing phase of its prefab pods, and offers from hotel groups based in the Philippines, Singapore, and Qatar, it sure sounds like an Underwater Hotel could be coming soon to an ocean floor near you.

The details: The hotels will be located around 28 feet under the water. And they’ll be able to move, too, using electromechanical propulsion technology—handy, in the event of a hurricane.

As for guests, no scuba skill or water experience is required: An elevator will lead directly down into the hotel, which will open into a central corridor with an air-conditioned lounge. The hotels will also contain 12 bedrooms fitted with standard hotel stuff: king beds, bathrooms, mini-fridges, internet, and TVs.

The most unique feature to the hotel: the clear acrylic wall and ceiling viewing panels. So you can see Jaws, but not experience him.

Nights underwater unfortunately won’t come cheap, at least, not at first. While its design allows it to keep the cost of constructing the rooms relatively low ($1.7 million/room, as opposed to competitors’ $11 million/room), the company anticipates nightly rates of $3,000 to $6,000. So, you might want to start saving up your extra cash now (unless you’re famous!).

And don’t worry about drowning in your sleep. Each of the hotels will be made with thick, double-welded steel and clear acrylic, so you can rest easy under the sea.