Meet The Boxing Coach Who Changes Lives By Creating A Safe Haven For Kids

Editorial Director, Life
01.11.17 4 Comments

Calvin Ford — head coach at Upton Boxing — understands that there’s more than one type of fight a person can face. There are fights in the ring, sure, but there are also battles won and lost outside the gym. The fight to stay out of gangs, the fight to keep away from drugs, the fight to survive.

Coach Ford is a fighter who trains fighters — taking kids from inner-city Baltimore and offering them both structure and hope through boxing. He’s a shepherd, guiding his proverbial flock, a man so committed to changing lives that it seems like a ready-made movie. So iconic that The Wire based the drug-dealer-turned-community-organizer Dennis “Cutty” Wise on this fierce and fiercely committed coach.

“My mission here is bigger than boxing,” Ford says. “I’m trying to have a safe haven, where kids come and we can actually find their true talents.”

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