Is Your State The Nation’s Most Bacon-Obsessed?


Hey, Internet! It’s that thing you love: sweet, nitrate-laden bacon. And now we know which U.S. states love bacon the most and the least — at least, if Instagram is to be believed. Bacon scientists at Ginny’s analyzed over 33,000 Instagram photos of bacon, then used their posting locations to determine which American states love bacon a whole heapin’ bunch or not really at all. Though there are no definitive state-by-state listings, there is an interactive map that can tell you how bacon-obsessed your state is, which you can find here.

Jesus, Nebraska, chill just a little. Okay?

Though it can be difficult to tell the order of states in the middle of the pack, we know the most and least baconated states. Nebraska wins by a wide margin: not even the other two clear standouts (West Virginia and Iowa) can compete with it. Iowa’s presence is impressive, too, though, because we’re pretty sure all pork products in the Hawkeye State must be sourced from pigs that were first personally castrated by Senator Joni Ernst. Man, who KNOWS how high that state would’ve ranked without that regulation?

At the bottom, meanwhile, is America’s prettiest state: Hawaii. Of course they’d hate bacon; it’s probably due to the Sun Crazies, which happens when you have to deal with year-round gorgeous weather and the most beautiful natural landscapes in the entire country (we’ve heard this happens when one gets too much sun, but as writers chained to desks in basements, we can’t provide independent verification). Or the fact that Hawaii is ride-or-die for Spam, which is still a fried pork product, but not technically bacon.

Interestingly, however, Kansas ranks second when it comes to being bacon-haters. Being that Kansas sits right next to Nebraska, what gives? Maybe they’re too busy eating the bacon to bother Instagramming about it.

(Via Ginny’s)