A Polish Brewer Has Found A Brewing Method In A Very Unexpected Place

We are just two days away from the Roman New Year, so everything on the Internet is even more suspect than usual. That gives The Order of Yoni, a Polish brewery that appeared on IndieGoGo out of nowhere, a bit of a handicap. Why? Well, they’re claiming they’re brewing “vagina beer,” as you can see in the above video.

The video claims that it’s distilled everything men find alluring in women down to some Lactobacillus in a model’s vagina, which it then uses a lab to clone, so don’t worry, it’s just bacteria you happen to find in a vagina that’s used to brew your sour ales. Just which of the twenty or so species of said bacteria you find in the vagina isn’t mentioned. It’s either a hilarious parody of the annoying sexism you can find in craft beer, or it’s the best possible demonstration of it.

This isn’t without precedent, mind you. Rogue, the brewery that gave Colin Cowherd a beer, brews a wild ale from yeast they claim to have discovered in their brewmaster’s beard, and a medical student used a similar idea to make yogurt to the bottomless disgust of the Internet. It’s also true that sour beers get their tang from lactic acid, although we’d be remiss if we didn’t note a lot of lactobacillus strains are pretty much everywhere and you’re unlikely to notice any difference between this and a sour brewed without the barest hint of contact with genitals.

As to whether it’s legit, there’s not much to go on, although their claims of heritage are just a wee bit suspect. And the IndieGoGo campaign is “flexible funding,” which means they’ll be keeping the cash whether or not they actually brew the beer. So… shocking statement of the day: invest in vagina beer at your own risk.