Your Valentine’s Day Cocktail Megapost: Get Stupid With Cupid

02.14.16 3 years ago

Valentine’s Day was, once upon a time, a celebration and feast day recognizing one or more martyred saints named Valentine. Today, we all know it as the day in which people in relationships put on a big show, and single people put on Netflix or beer goggles.

How did we get here? Thanks a lot, Chaucer.

Myths, stories, and speculations aside, the fact is, Valentine’s Day is often kind of a drag for everyone. If you’re in a relationship, you’re probably feeling the pressure to one-up what you did last year, or to make your first holiday together memorable, despite the fact that it’s pretty damn prescriptive and has been for years. If you’re not in a relationship, well, I F*CKING GET IT, ST. VALENTINE.

You know what’s not a drag? Adult beverages. Adult beverages are the opposite of a drag. Today, we’ve got something for everyone, because on Valentine’s Day, EVERYONE has a reason to drink, and it doesn’t matter what that reason is:


Champagne in an Igloo — IO Godfrey Lounge, Chicago

IO Igloo

IO Godfrey

Heat up date night in a cool setting. For Valentine’s Day and beyond, IO, a rooftop bar at the Godfrey Hotel Chicago, is offering couples the chance to get cozy within insulated clear-dome igloos. No matter the weather, you’ll be able to enjoy the outdoor terrace, the night sky, cocktails, and a bit of privacy from within your personal snow globe.

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