High Schoolers Are Doing Some Incredible Stuff To Shoes In The Name Of Art Education

02.08.16 3 years ago

If there’s one thing Vans is known for, it’s their crazy designs. A quick peek at the California-based footwear’s online store reveals that you can buy their classic slip-ons printed with everything from cartoon hamburgers to pictures of puppies. (And how cool is their Disney collaboration line?)

Their appreciation for art doesn’t end there, though. The company has been actively involved in supporting arts education in high schools through the Vans Custom Culture competition.
Inaugurated in 2010, the competition gives high-schoolers the chance to do whatever the heck they want to with Vans shoes as their blank canvas — with the goal of earning $50,000 for their school’s arts program.

How it works: High schools sign up to participate at the Vans Custom Culture website. Post-registration, students receive four pairs of blank Vans shoes. Their task, then, is to decorate the shoes however they want, with designs that represent the four themes of the Vans “Off The Wall” lifestyle: action sports, arts, music and local flavor.

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