UPROXX VIDEO: How Martin Shkreli Went From Business Villain To Comic Book Supervillain

Before he was the Mr. Burns of the pharmaceutical world and the music scene and being confused for a guy preparing to perform “Land Locked Blues” to a sold out crowd, Martin Shkreli had an actual business career. Yes, something more than the awful things he keeps doing to make the public hate him, like raising a cancer-treating drug’s cost by hundreds of dollars or buying the only existing copy of the most recent Wu Tang album on the planet and rubbing it in everyone’s faces. But no one will remember that about him because he’s become the lamer version of The Joker — he may want to see the world burn, but he has no idea how to not seem incredibly selfish and sniveling as he does it.

If you recall, he relished in committing these atrocities, even saying he would have raised the price of the drug even more drastically, and threatening Ghostface Killa if he didn’t receive an apology letter after being insulted by the Wu Tang member. Bro, no one raises their street cred by calling out one of the most famous rappers of all time and asking for an apology letter. That’s almost worse than creeping on high school aged girls on the internet and acting like that’s okay. Wait, he did that too! As if his string of white collar atrocities weren’t bad enough, he shows no sign of letting up unless someone stops him. Thankfully he’s been arrested for securities fraud, which has slowed down his exploits for the time being. Unless he’s put away for good though, there’s more than a chance that he will resort to his regular absurd ways once he’s back on the streets.