This Video Of Men Kissing Men Is Using Trolls To Raise Money For Orlando Victims

Those of us who frequent the internet know not to feed the trolls. But the people at Seriously.TV are addressing trolling for the benefit of the victims in the Orlando nightclub shooting. They’ve made a video of men kissing each other and for every homophobic comment posted under the video on Facebook, they will donate $1 to the victims’ families.

The video, which you can see above, featured a number of same-sex male couples kissing each other. Every so often, one of the guys holds up handwritten signs. One of the first ones says, “People who have a problem with this probably already stopped watching.” The sign after speculates that the trolls might even leave a homophobic comment, which the signs pronounce “a bummer… For them.” Then the next signs explain that for every such comment, Seriously.TV will donate $1 to the OneOrlando Fund, which benefits the victims and their families.

This should teach homophobic trolls to pay attention to everything before they do something heinous. In this case, however, not paying attention suits a good cause, and has even motivated good samaritans to post fake homophobic comments so that the donations rack up. There’s even a #diditforthedollar hashtag that people are using to mark their comments. It’s a cheeky way to help in the wake of this tragedy.