Get Ahead Of The Game With Our Visual Tour of 2016’s ‘Destinations On The Rise’

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Our latest visual tour is every vagabond’s, “beat-ya-to-it” dream: Top 10 “Destinations on the Rise” for 2016. When islands and beaches aren’t really your travel jam, maybe ancient ruins, delicious ceviche, and spectacular nature are.

Whatever your particular travel preferences, you’re going to find a lot to lovein Cartagena, Porto, Moscow and the other locales that made the list:

1. Tulum, Mexico

Location: East coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, on the Caribbean Sea.
Biggest Draws: Beautiful beaches, ancient ruins, and one time Justin Bieber pulled his pants down there.


2. Cartagena, Colombia

Location: Northern Colombia, in the Caribbean Coast region.

Biggest Draws: Loads of history, endless goings-on, and a seamless fusion of grit and glamour.


3. Porto, Portugal

Location: Along the Duoro river in Northern Portugal.
Biggest Draws: Striking architecture, port wineries, and gorgeous riviera views.


4. Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Location: Kind of in the middle of the state, just along the border of Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Biggest Draws: Art and mountain music, unreal nature, and Dollywood is only 30 minutes away.


5. Moscow, Russia

Location: Along the Moskva River in Western Russia.

Biggest Draws: Nightlife, unique buildings, and hopefully access to the Russian version of Always Sunny.


6. Brighton, United Kingdom

Location: About an hour south of London, along the English Channel.

Biggest Draws: the beach/pier, eclectic nightlife and quirky shops, and the people who perfectly reflect the destination.


7. New Delhi, India

Location: The country’s capital is located in Northern India.

Biggest Draws: Interesting food, religious and historical sites, and shopping. Oh! And super speedy nose typers.


8. Banff, Alberta

Location: in the western Canadian province of Alberta, north of Montana.

Biggest Draws: An unconventional national park scene including nightclubs. Plus unreal natural scenery and lots of wildlife!


9. Lima, Peru
Location: Peru’s capital is located along the Pacific Ocean, right around the coast’s mid-point.

Biggest Draws: Amazing food, namely ceviche, SUPER old historical sites and art, and the appropriate amount of hustle and bustle.


10. Foz do Iguacu, Brazil

Location: In the Southeastern state of Parana, along the Paraguy-Argentina-Brazil border.

Biggest Draws: Nature and water falls, a massive dam, and a Buddhist temple.

There you have it — better book tickets before these places get played out!