Warner Bros. Is Teaming Up With Hot Topic For Clothing Inspired By DC’s Female Badasses

On the one hand, should it have taken this long for Warner Bros. to realize that a line of clothing and accessories inspired by Wonder Woman, Batwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn was a good idea? Probably not. It is a really good idea, and in an age where people are constantly asking things like “Where’s Rey?“, a female-targeted clothing collection that is created directly through a studio partnership rather than niche designers and catalogues is great to see. The collection, which is very evocative of the “Disney Bound” trend that gets around Disney’s strict rules against no costumes in their parks, has all of the benefits of being officially licensed without the costume-y touches that plague many of these collections.

The Wonder Woman look in particular draws the mind to a ’50s diner kind of look, closer to a bygone comics era than to anything that Gal Gadot is currently sporting. The Harley Quinn inspired ensemble is exactly as punk and edgy as you would expect, complete with a biker patch on the back of the jacket. Batwoman and Poison Ivy, even though they are two of the lesser-known ladies in the group, also get cool looks that will probably fly off the shelves. The fun details in Poison Ivy’s dress pattern are a particular highlight. The entire collection will be available at Hot Topic stores, so get ready to stock your closet for Comic Con and plan your baller Halloween costume way ahead of time.