How Soon Before We’re All Drinking Water From These Weird Edible Bubbles?

Of all the things we could have imagined for the future — where is my jetpack? — there are probably very few people who put “edible water bubbles” at the top of their lists. And yet, that’s exactly what we’re getting, because a team of scientists, engineers, and designers have created the a water packaging system that’s incredibly environmentally friendly. And if you’ve ever thought. “man, I love water so much I wish I could chew it,” then here are two pieces of news for you: One, you are very strange; two, congratulations! Your dreams of biting into water with your incisors have finally come true.

According to Design Boom, the water bubble, named the Ooho! (somehow can’t see that name catching on) and created by Skipping Rocks Lab in London, eliminates virtually all waste associated with water bottles. Not only does it ensure that you won’t have empty containers of Fiji and Dasani littering your apartment, the invention also ensures that those same containers aren’t littering landfills. That’s because the Ooho! is completely digestible and bio-degradable, allowing you to enjoy water on the go without worry that you’re messing up the environment.

The bubble is made of seaweed, and while its most impressive quality is the fact that it can eliminate a great deal of waste, it’s also notable that the edible membrane can be colored and flavored. That’s cool, but what’s even cooler, Design Boom notes, is that the Ooho! may actually have a huge impact, especially when it comes to sporting events and marathons, where hundreds of thousands of bottles are handed out and then left to fester sadly on the side of the road. And while there haven’t been any rumblings of this as of yet, it wouldn’t be surprising if, after the bubble went to mass market, someone found a way to infuse it with alcohol, creating a portable cocktail that would eliminate glassware.

Eating water will probably take some getting used to — we’re already imagining people biting in at the wrong time and spilling all over themselves — but if it eliminates waste while keeping you hydrated, we’re all for it. (We are especially all for it if someone could just fill these things with diet coke. Just something to consider.