Ready To Ride The World’s Most Terrifying Water Slides?

water slide

It’s mid-July, meaning you’ve only got about a month of summer left before the Halloween decorations come out. Time to seize the day and squeeze every last second of adventure out of it. If your goal is to achieve maximum fun in minimal time, you’ve got to go to a water park. Sure, there’s a good chance you might swallow a few gallons of chlorine, but that’s a small price to pay for the excitement of riding the world’s longest water slide! Right?

So it’s established: The water park is the way to go, but where can you find the most insane slides?

World’s Longest Water Slide, Action Park (NJ)

Remember Action Park, the New Jersey theme park that’s responsible for six deaths and and scores of injuries? Well, it’s back and it’s got a terrifying new water slide for you to “enjoy.” The park’s newest main attraction comes in at over 2,000 feet and is so long that the person who rode it to certify it for the Guinness Book of World Records got stuck several times. Stuck at Action Park? If that’s not scary, what is?

Bro Bible reports that the slide actually looks kind of boring, but this video makes it seem anything but. Perhaps it’s the vertigo inducing acceleration, or the potential of overturning while careening down a hill at high speeds, but only the bravest souls will dare this monster when it opens to the public. (It’s also the tamest slide on the list, just saying.)