How To Thank Your Mom This Mother’s Day (And Have Her Believe You)

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Mother’s Day is May 12th, so you definitely have enough time left to plan something nice for mom. Note: we said “enough time” — but not so much time that you should forget about this again until May 10th. This is a holiday that demands forethought.

If you’ve gotten mom gift cards for a few years running, it’s time to step up your game. The point of a good Mother’s Day gift is to reflect a spirit of gratitude and you can’t do that with $15 bucks at the local big box retailer. To help you out, we’ve compiled some of our favorite “mom qualities” and paired them with ways to thank her for those traits.

Check it out, then get to planning.

She always makes you laugh.


What you want to thank her for: Was your mom the funniest growing up? Did she come up with ridiculous games when you were bored on a rainy day? Did she make your friends dissolve into laughter at sleepovers? Or was she the one who watched your favorite movies with you a million times, because she genuinely enjoyed it when you were delighted?

Your mom always entertained you, sparked your imagination, and made you laugh. That was a gift every day.

This Mother’s Day: All those games and the movies she tolerated over and over? She did that because you loved them. There were times when she was tired, but she made your day a little better anyway. This Mother’s Day, think about those things that she loves that you usually avoid. Take her to that movie she’s excited about but you know you might hate. And rather than roll your eyes at how much your mother loves gritty, ultra-violent revenge stories (you thought we were gonna say romcoms, huh?), engage with it. Love it because she loves it, and be able to discuss it genuinely after.

“You’re right, mom, the way that vigilante took the assassin’s head off in one machete swoop was very impressive.”

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