Wear Bright Colors If You Want A Tinder Date


Online dating sucks for a lot of reasons, many of which are out of your control. But here’s something you can change about yourself in order to do better on Tinder: your outfit.

According to Mashable, Tinder studied 12,000 profiles from users age 18-40 in New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta, and found that 72 percent of men and 56.2 percent of women wore neutral colors. Black was most popular among both genders, then white, blue and gray. Talk about not standing out (and about eliminating my favorite colors).

When it comes to style of clothing, a good amount of men and women dress boring too. 32.8 percent of men wear button downs in their profile photos, while around the same proportion wear a suit in their primary photo OR in one of their other profile photos. Zero percent of women wear button downs, apparently, but too many of them wear dresses and tank tops.

So what else can men and women wear? This study doesn’t seem to take style of dress or tank top or suit into account. These items contain multitudes.

Maybe everybody should ignore the style of dress part of this study, and just switch to brighter colors. Then the ones who decide to stick to neutrals might get more matches and “hey what’s up” messages.

(via Mashable)