How Tech And Fashion Are Combining To Disrupt The Status Quo For The Better

05.24.17 2 years ago

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If you have to blame someone for the recent wearable era we’re now living in, blame sci-fi movies. Back to the Future II made us think self-lacing shoes, self-drying jackets, and personal Virtual Reality goggles were possible. (That film’s two for three right now.) Tom Cruise had us thinking specialized gloves might one day control computers in Minority Report and he introduced us to computerized contact lenses in Mission Impossible 4.

When those films came out, the technology they dreamed up was just that — a dream. No one really thought we’d one day be able to wear a pair of kicks that could tie themselves — although we shouldn’t have underestimated the human race’s capacity for laziness. Now, thanks to insanly-quick advances in the tech world, not only are we inventing more ways to merge our bodies with machines, we’re doing it in style.

Wearable tech is all the rage and for good reason. From wristbands that monitor your heart rate to sports jackets that let you make and answer calls to fabric that can literally heal itself and become stain resistant, fashion and tech are currently enjoying a pretty cool collaborative period – think Jay-Z and Kanye when Watch The Throne came out.

While it’s nice to be able to morph our bodies and the clothes we wear with the latest in electronics, wearable tech is more than just trendy, it has the real potential to save lives and advance the human race. If becoming bionic, living longer, and looking futuristic as hell while doing it sounds like a good time, read on for how fashion tech is becoming a literal life changer:

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