What Is Obama Runtz And Is It Even Real?

Weed Twitter was set ablaze (sorry) this morning as the term “Obama Runtz” began to trend — hilariously, with the subtitle “Politics” — after a video shared by Twitter user @MooLifeMB started to make the rounds amongst giggly stoners. The video shows a young kid who claims he ran into someone wearing a Lil Baby’s 4 Pockets Full chain who tried to sell him “Obama Runtz” on the streets of Atlanta and has now been retweeted over 12 thousand times since last night.

In the video, the kid exclaims “I ain’t even know Obama condone sh*it like that” — which is fair, considering the man is an ex-president, but don’t sleep on the classic Obama “roof hits” from his college days!

Unfortunately — for both Twitter and smokers — there is no weed strain known as Obama Runtz (yet). The name is likely a reference to the massively popular high THC strain known as “Runtz” by Pacific Reserve, which itself is a cross between the popular strains Zkittlez and Gelato which, according to Leafly, is highly sought after due to its fruity profile smooth creamy smoke and strong euphoric high. Obama’s name does grace another strain though, the indica-dominant Obama Kush. What likely happened here is that our mystery 4PF-clad street salesman was trying to pass off the moderately strong Obama Kush by sweetening the pot (again, sorry) by attaching the popular Runtz name.

While you can’t smoke any Obama Runtz this weekend, we highly (ugh, that one was unintentional) suggest you pick up one of the various iterations of Runtz that actually do exist — Pink Runtz or Banana Runtz through Weedmaps and see if the strain is truly worth all the hype. For now, let’s dive in to some of the best Twitter reactions from the activity this morning on Weed Twitter.