The Best Cannabis Strains For A Lit Fourth Of July

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The Fourth of July really deserves more love. It’s obviously doing better than Arbor Day, but the lack of excessive gift giving and costumes make it too easy to overlook in the “best holiday” conversation. How can you sleep on a day with three wonderfully gratuitious excesses — burgers, beer, and blowing sh*t up?

The only thing that could possibly make the Fourth of July more fun is the addition of some dank bud. For those who partake, a toke is a nice way to enhance your mood and guarantee some relaxation as the sky spiderwebs with the glow of fireworks. With that aim, we gathered 10 strains of weed that are perfect for all your Independence Day needs — helping you get as lit as the grill and the Roman candles.


This strain is popular among users who appreciate its sweet, citrus flavor and buzzy high. It is a bit like having lemon/orange jelly beans and getting a solid sugar rush that is perfect for summer hijinks. Heck, you could even think of it as the equivalent of scoring a creamsicle from the ice cream man but in adult form (yes, we know adults can run to the ice cream man, too). Jillybean leaves users totally cheerful and chatty for hours, so this isn’t a strain to use in solitude. The best use of this strain is to smoke it with other people and to play some Marco Polo or badminton. Fair warning: you may feel a little drowsy as you come down, that’s cool — summer naps rule.

This strain can cause cotton mouth and dry eyes, so be sure that you drink some water. If you stick to beer and cocktails all day while smoking this, you will end up miserable. You need that hydration like a mofo.

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