The Best Cannabis Strains For A Lit Fourth Of July

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The Fourth of July really deserves more love. It’s obviously doing better than Arbor Day, but the lack of excessive gift giving and costumes make it too easy to overlook in the “best holiday” conversation. How can you sleep on a day with three wonderfully gratuitious excesses — burgers, beer, and blowing sh*t up?

The only thing that could possibly make the Fourth of July more fun is the addition of some dank bud. For those who partake, a toke is a nice way to enhance your mood and guarantee some relaxation as the sky spiderwebs with the glow of fireworks. With that aim, we gathered 10 strains of weed that are perfect for all your Independence Day needs — helping you get as lit as the grill and the Roman candles.


This strain is popular among users who appreciate its sweet, citrus flavor and buzzy high. It is a bit like having lemon/orange jelly beans and getting a solid sugar rush that is perfect for summer hijinks. Heck, you could even think of it as the equivalent of scoring a creamsicle from the ice cream man but in adult form (yes, we know adults can run to the ice cream man, too). Jillybean leaves users totally cheerful and chatty for hours, so this isn’t a strain to use in solitude. The best use of this strain is to smoke it with other people and to play some Marco Polo or badminton. Fair warning: you may feel a little drowsy as you come down, that’s cool — summer naps rule.

This strain can cause cotton mouth and dry eyes, so be sure that you drink some water. If you stick to beer and cocktails all day while smoking this, you will end up miserable. You need that hydration like a mofo.

Grape Ape

Grape Ape is named in part because its buds are literally purple. But it also has a legit grape flavor that is both sweet and strong kinda like an Alexander the Grape Otter Pop. It leans a bit more indica than sativa, so it is going to be a more relaxing strain. You get a definite chill body high with a really mellow cerebral layer. A lot of people use it to relieve stress and anxiety, which makes it ideal for any Fourth of July action that is stressing you out (like… um… FAMILY). If social gatherings with large groups of people aren’t your jam, a hit or two of this will take the edge off without leaving you lawn-chair-locked.

There are people who use Grape Ape for falling asleep, which should tell you that it has the capacity to knock you out good and proper. A little goes a long ass way. Use it confidently throughout your day and evening, but take time between hits to let it take effect before you go back for more.

Agent Orange

Thanks to its parent strains, Agent Orange has a pungent citrus scent when its buds are ground and a really sweet, orangey taste on the exhale. It is a truly distinct aroma and flavor combo because it is also a little spicy. However, that feels just right in the summer. It’s like a jalapeno limeade. The high here is a super uplifting, cerebral one that doesn’t have much in the way of a relaxing body high to pull it down. That makes it perfect for getting out in the world and taking care of business. This is a great weed for people with multiple holiday obligations. If you need to hit a work party, a neighborhood shindig, and a family barbecue in one day, this is your strain.

This is also a big munchies strain, so be prepared to incite shock and awe in the hearts of other party attendees when you mow through a gallon of macaroni salad and chase it with a half dozen hot dogs. Maybe they’ll be less frightened and more complimented that you like their salad so much.

Golden Pineapple

Tiki drinks are one of the best things you can put in your face, so the chance to smoke a strain that is like a lush pina colada in a festive glass festooned with decorative fruit is one that we’d never pass up. It doesn’t hurt that this hybrid also comes in hot with 29 percent THC. If you want to inhale unadulterated happiness, get some Golden Pineapple. You’ll feel joy flow through you, and it won’t be long before you are singing along with the music at your neighborhood block party and starting a dance-off. At the very least, you will want to hug everyone, so be prepared, introverts.

This is a great strain to use before going tubing, hitting a barbecue, or attending an outdoor concert. It will take any fun event and dial it up to maximum enjoyment. Avoid getting too high, though. If you use too much, you can’t un-dose yourself and an out of control high ruins holidays.

Purple Trainwreck

We freely admit that we like strains that are sweet, fruity, and tasty, so our love of Purple Trainwreck makes perfect sense. Despite this strain’s spicy aroma, it has the flavor of freshly picked California wine grapes still warm with the heat of the sun. It’s also a nice balanced hybrid that makes for an uplifted mood perfect for hanging all day and a chill relaxation that is great for hot tubbing with friends.

This strain is big on pain relief, so it works well for users who are going to spend the Fourth of July hiking or running a 5k. Smoke some of this in the evening and let that muscle soreness drift away. This is also a good pick for the giggles, so it is nice to use when you are going to be socializing. Consider winding down with a few pals and a movie. Let Purple Trainwreck make everything hilarious.

Red-Headed Stranger

You don’t have to love country music legend Willie Nelson to love this strain named after him (but you probably should love him anyway because he is dope as hell). This strain is zippy little one whose head-focused elation slips into a relaxing body high as you come down. It’s particularly fun because external stimuli often feels enhanced. That barbecue is gonna taste better. The pool is gonna feel cooler. And the sight of fireworks bursting in the sky is gonna blow your mind. And the best part is that you stay grounded throughout, so you aren’t super loopy around friends and family.

The flavor is sweet and spicy when you exhale. Expect an herbal, earthy flavor with a slight sweetness and tanginess. It’s a little bit like inhaling incense with the added bonus of getting high.

Laughing Buddha

Who doesn’t want to be a laughing Buddha? All that chill and deep thinking plus a whole lot of chortling elation? That’s the dream right there. A sativa with 20 percent THC on average, this strain rushes in with altered perceptions of various stimuli (which makes it great for fireworks, yo), then it eliminates all stress and replaces it with a wonderful giddiness. Even people who suffer from depression will find themselves pleased with life and easily amused, and that’s the mindset you want for a holiday.

The flavor profile is spicy and earthy. A more pungent strain, Laughing Buddha isn’t sweet as much as it is a little citrus and a little herbaceous. The smoke actually tastes like skunky lemon with herbal notes underpinning it.

Mango Kush


Yum. Yum. Mango Kush is a tasty, tasty strain that definitely brings mango flavor (and a little banana). And though the flavor is a treat, most people return to it over and over again because it is pure giggle fodder. There aren’t a lot of strains that bring it full force for both people looking to socialize and people looking for an appealing flavor, but this one does. You get a body high, followed by laughter and a desire to be more open and chattier.

If you opt for Mango Kush, you need to make your Fourth a social one. Have a barbecue with your best friends or make new pals at a city event. You may get a little drowsy, so be sure to keep moving and conversing.

Sugar Cookie


Most people hear the word “cookie” in reference to a strain and think about Girl Scout Cookies. But this strain isn’t part of the GSC family at all. It gets its name from its flavor instead. Expect a super sweet palette that is strong on the tropical fruit and brown sugar notes. It boasts an average of 24 percent THC, so you can get messed up for the Fourth.

This is a 50/50 hybrid, so users will feel that sativa energy before a relaxing body high sets in. Because the indica chaser saps your energy to get wild, this is a good strain for using late in the day when everyone is full of beer, covered in sunburns, and looking to wind down with some fireworks. It will get you blissed out and super giggly in time for sparklers.

Lucky Charms

This is a pretty well-named strain because it has a lot in common with the cereal. The flavor is strong and fruity. It’s not very marshmallow-y, but it is sweet with tropical fruit flavors. And the smoke has some floral and citrus notes on the exhale that are very nice. In addition, it’s a great way to start your day. Heck, on Independence Day, why not have a themed morning and blaze a bowl of Lucky Charms while eating a bowl of Lucky Charms?

This stain will chill you out while enhancing your thinking. It can even cause some warping to your senses. This makes it great for a holiday with a lot of fireworks.