These Peoples’ Weird Food Habits Will Make You Feel Less Like A Freak About Your Own

(Obligatory “Mayonegg” clip.)

Everyone, and I don’t care who you are, has weird eating habits. I wouldn’t be surprised if even the Pope secretly dips his french fries in mayo. Here, I’ll even go first. I’m a food separatist, which means I pick everything apart. Like sushi rolls? Forget about it. I take a bite to break the rice barrier and then methodically go in with my chopsticks like I’m playing Operation to pick out all of the ingredients. Also, when it comes to candy like candy corn or gummi worms, I can only bite off one color section at a time. (I am literally doing this right now with gummi cola bottles.)

The topic of food eccentricities is an endlessly fascinating subject. To that point, someone posed the question on Reddit: “What is your unusual food habit?” And the results are astounding. I know I will never feel shame about my weirdo habits after reading this. And please, since we’re all friends here, feel free to leave your own quirks in the comments. Ya freaks.


Cheese Doritos dipped in milk, then suck the cheese milk off the chip and eat the naked chip. Delicious.

EDIT: Guys, it’s actually delicious! Please try it.

LOL hard pass. Also, do you drink the milk after?


My co-worker 1.) Takes his sandwich out of the fridge. 2.) Removes the single slice of swiss cheese. 3.) Eats his sandwich. 4.) Places the cheese slice on a plate. 4.) Puts this in the toaster oven until melted. 5.) Proceeds to eat the cheese with a fork and knife.

Mitch if you are reading this, ITS WEIRD.

Jesus, Mitch. Stop freaking out your coworkers.


When picking up a hamburger it’s important to flip it upside down, then take the bite out of it.

There’s nothing weird about this. Everybody does it. Or at least I do.


When I have Taco Bell I eat the taco or burrito first then suck on a packet of hot sauce after. Too lazy to pour it on the food I guess.

I heard a #HackTheMenu rumor that they’ll just blend it all up for you with the hot sauce and serve it with a straw, if you ask them the right way.


In the morning I go through a lot of trouble of putting together a sandwich for work. When I’m actually at lunch I eat only half of the sandwich, then take apart each individual ingrediant and eat them separately.

I do this for all sandwiches. Burgers, cheesesteaks, wraps, whatever. It must be made into a whole then broken down again.

Man (or woman) after my own heart, obviously.


I eat raw lemon with shitloads of salt. At least where I live people give me weird looks when they see me doing this.

A sign that perhaps you shouldn’t eat raw lemon and salt in public.


I peel and eat the crust off Chicken McNuggets before eating the actual chicken.

Okay, fried chicken? Sure. The breading on Chicken McNuggets is only covering up overly processed Frankenchicken though.


Whenever I open a can of baked beans I “drink” a mouthful of them cold.

I don’t know why, it’s just so satisfying, reminds me of festivals I guess.

I feel like this would be less gross-sounding if the word “drink” was not involved.


I can take 25 bites out of an M&M. 50 out of a peanut M&M.


I like to eat popcorn with chopsticks so that my fingers don’t get dirty.

Weird? That is actually brilliant. Plus it probably makes your popcorn last so much longer.

Now don’t say I never did anything nice for you, because I’ve saved the best for last:


I’m overweight because I have a lot of unhealthy food habits unfortunately. I’ll mention two of them. The most unhealthy thing I eat is essentially mayo soup. I’ll cut a stick of butter into 10 pieces, then put three pieces in a bowl. I’ll add a lot of mayonnaise and a lot of hot sauce. I’ll microwave it for like 20 seconds so the butter gets a little soft and then stir everything up. It’s so bad for me but it tastes so good.

My weirdest one is probably that I secretly like eating the paper that comes on the bottom of cupcakes and muffins. It’s like having two treats in one.

Homeboy (because there is no way this is a woman, I’m sorry) might want to change his Reddit handle after this.