Can These Photos From The Westminster Dog Show Heal The World? Probably

02.16.17 2 years ago

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The most adorable thing that happened this Valentine’s Day wasn’t a proposal on top of the Eiffel Tower or an inexplicable bouquet of fried chicken. No, it was the 141st annual Westminster Kennel Dog Show which concluded on Tuesday with Rumor, a German Shepard from Wisconsin, winning “Best In Show.” And one thing is for sure: these are some incredibly attractive canines. Truth: I feel like if Rumor was a contestant on The Bachelor, she’d make it to the fantasy suite.

I’m not hinting that anything weird would happen — it would just be snuggling and treats — but I do believe she’d be the prettiest bitch in the spot.

Rumor won out over 2800 other dogs to take the top prize, which was a huge accomplishment. It’s only the second time that a German Shepard has won the Westminster Kennel Dog Show. The last time was in 1987.

And you can see why Rumor won. I mean look at that SWEET FACE.

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