Flula Borg Guides Us Through His Favorite American ‘City’… The Detroit International Airport

Sela Shiloni

Flula Borg is absurd. To be clear, we’ve known that since before the Los Angeles-based German-born comedian, actor, musician, and DJ selected the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport as his entry for our My Kind Of Town series. He hit the mainstream radar as a regular guest on Conan, where he regularly causes the host — and anyone watching — to break into fits of uncontrollable laughter. He’s also guested on Silicon Valley, Curb your Enthusiasm, and The Good Place, lent his voice to Archer, and played the head of the German a cappella group Das Sound Machine in Pitch Perfect 2.

The man is supremely talented and supremely weird at the same time. He’s also funny as sh*t. So when Borg asked us to focus his entire interview on Detroit’s airport, rather than the city itself, we shrugged and went with it. Looking back, we’re glad we did.

Last month, Flula dropped a video for his latest single, “Self-Care Sunday,” made in collaboration with Ninja Sex Party — a band that features Dan Avidan of the popular YouTube let’s-play series Game Grumps. It is… predictably insane. Check out the video below, familiarize yourself with Flula Borg’s unique comic voice, and dive into the best of the Detroit Metropolitan Airport.