A Whipped Cream Canister Has Killed A French Model, But The Company Is Denying Responsibility

Life & Culture Editor
06.22.17 16 Comments

Of all the things you expect to be dangerous in the kitchen, the whipped cream dispenser — one of those fancy pressurized ones — is the last piece of equipment you’d consider to be lethal. But after the tragic death of Instagram model Rebecca Burger late last week, it’s probably a good idea to reconsider whether using pressurized canisters while you’re cooking (or dispensing the cream directly into your mouth) is safe for the home chef.

According to The Washington Post, the french model was using the dispenser on Saturday when it exploded with no warning, striking her in the chest and triggering a heart attack. Emergency services were able to revive Burger on the scene, but the 33-year-old died tragically at the hospital the next day. In the wake of her death, which was announced yesterday, Burger’s family posted the object that killed her on Instagram in order to warn others of the potential dangers of the common household item.

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