What It’s Really Like To Do The Whole30 Diet For An Entire Month

01.30.17 1 year ago 6 Comments


January. When the gyms overflow and the produce section is overrun by dieters. When your perfectly ripened avocados have been picked over — leaving only the rock hard few, taken from the tree so very young.

Sure, it’s a frustrating, but let’s be honest: Whether someone makes a New Year’s resolution to hit the gym or to incorporate more kale into her diet, choosing a healthier lifestyle is always a good idea. The motivation might be superficial, but if the lifestyle change is done in a way that promotes healthy, positive shifts, then there’s no harm to resolution season.

Well, except maybe the inconvenience of not getting your normal spot in yoga class or your favorite Gingerade Kombucha being sold out. Obviously, you can live through those calamities.


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