Is The World Ready For A Whopper Burrito? Burger King Sure Thinks So

Burger King seems to have hit their stride in a huge way. It’s still just fast food, sure, but they’re keeping things exciting. BK is embracing technology and shifting their menu around to keep the fan base on edge. After a few minor missteps in the R&D department they’re now selling TONS of hot dogs and modifying their flagship Whopper in ways that we can all enjoy. But have they gone too far?

A recent post on GrubGrade reveals that a Whopperito is being tested in Hermitage, Pa. You heard right: A Whopper burrito. It’s only been spotted at one BK but chances are we can expect to see it nationwide if it sells well.

If you’re not familiar with the BK Whopper (why???), it’s flame-grilled beef patty, American cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, ketchup, pickles, and onions… Okay, now imagine all those ingredients thrown together in a flour tortilla and you’ve got yourself a Whopperrito.

McDonald’s couldn’t handle the wrap game. Let’s see if Burger King can hack it.