Here’s The Actual Reason You’ve Probably Never Found Love On Tinder


Tinder, despite its attempts to create group hangouts and add other features, is primarily known, and primarily used, as a hook-up app. But, even in that function, and even with a full scientific knowledge of what makes people swipe right, there’s definitely been a gap between men and women in terms of matches. Now one study has figured out why, and it’s the oldest problem in dating, translated to technology.

As any “dating guru” will tell you, women tend to be more selective when picking partners than men are. A study conducted by Queen Mary University of London and Sapienza University of Rome found that men will match with pretty much anybody while women will, once again, not just swipe right on any guy they see. The researchers found this created a feedback loop: as men matched with more women, it drove women to be more selective on the app. In fact they found a third of men will “casually like most profiles” while no women in the study stated they did this.

To be honest, this is reasonable. Women are more likely to experience “dating anxiety” than men, thanks to a number of concerns women have to consider and men don’t. All is not lost, however. The researchers found that the more information men provided, the more likely women were to match with them. They also found that women stated they only matched with profiles they were explicitly attracted to, so if the guys put up more photos and more detailed bios, Tinder might heat up.

(Via Cosmopolitan)

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