This Viral Trick To Instantly Defrost Your Windshield Will Change Your Entire Life

There is almost nothing worse than leaving your house on a freezing cold morning and getting smacked right in the gob by an icy sheen of frost covering the windshield of your car. I mean, thankfully I’m a blogger and almost never have to leave my house, but that wasn’t always the case and oh, believe me, I remember those days. Maybe you’re well off and you have a nice car with remote start (or a car hole — “garage” if you’re fancy) but otherwise the process usually involves starting one’s car to warm it up and choking on exhaust while using a scraper to remove the ice from the windows in the meantime. This morning ritual is even more fun if you have street parking and have to dodge traffic, to boot.

But apparently, we have all been going at windshield ice removal the wrong way! Thanks to Ken Weathers (REAL NAME), weatherman for East Tennessee’s WATE 6 News, this tip is about to change all of our lives. In the above video, which originally was posted last January but is making the viral rounds again for obvious reasons, Weathers reveals how a simple solution made with two ingredients everyone has around their house can instantly make pesky windshield frost disappear like magic. I don’t like to throw around the word “hero” all willy nilly… but I think you can all get what I’m saying.

(Via BroBible)