Every Wino Needs This Life Hack On How To Open A Bottle Of Wine With A Key

If you’re like me, at some point in your life you’ve gotten stuck with a bottle of wine and nothing to open it with. Haha just kidding, that’s actually never happened to me personally because I always carry around a pocket-sized corkscrew (the night I met my husband I even had to lend it to the bartender serving us, and somehow he still married me, eventually), but THEORETICALLY SPEAKING, this is a problem many of us will run into at some point in our lives.

You could try the shoe trick, but honestly, there’s just something about smashing a bottle of wine against the side of a wall — shoe or no shoe — that makes me a smidge nervous. So thankfully life hack YouTuber DaveHax has hopefully come up with a better way, in this video uploaded this week. As he explains, a bottle of wine can be opened simply and cleanly using nothing but an ordinary house key, and maybe a towel or other piece of cloth to hold it in place. Looks easy enough?

So I wouldn’t toss out my corkscrews just yet, but should you find yourself at a picnic with no opener in sight, it definitely looks like it’s worth a try.