You Can Get Free Wine From A Fountain 24/7, And All Is Right With The World


Wineheads, rejoice: The future you’ve been wishing for all these years has arrived. No longer will you be forced to suck down plain old water when you’re out in public and find yourself parched and without your trusty wine thermos. The year that has gifted us with both Hello Kitty wine and Tituss Burgess-brand Pinot Noir has just produced another innovation to toast to — the 24-hour wine fountain.

It’s everything it sounds like and more: a fountain that gushes forth a steady stream of perfectly-aerated red wine for anyone who passes by, at any time. And it gets better — the wine is 100% free. For everyone!

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Okay, specifics. The fountain is actually located in Abruzza, Italy (because of course the Italians would be the first to offer wine on demand), and it’s not actually the first wine fountain in the world — occasionally, wine is distributed via fountain during festivals in Europe.

But, according to the owners of the fountain, which is located at the Dora Sarchese vineyard in Caldari di Ortona, Abruzzo, this is the world’s first “proper” wine fountain — meaning that the wine doesn’t just flow for special occasions, but for always and forever.

“The wine fountain is a welcome, the wine fountain is poetry,” wrote the vineyard on their Facebook page, noting that it’s not a publicity stunt, and it’s not for “drunkards” or “louts.”

Who’s the fountain for, then? Thirsty pilgrims. The Dora Sarchese vineyard is located along the popular Cammino di San Tommaso route, which thousands travel every year from Rome to Ortona to visit the remains of St. Thomas. The fountain, is a joint project between Dora Sarchese and the nonprofit that maintains and promotes the Cammino di San Tommaso.

Since the fountain’s installation, pilgrims and non-pilgrims alike have been enjoying visiting the barrel-shaped structure, and, of course, posting shots on Instagram for their jealous, wine-less friends:

All this brings up a few very important questions — namely, when will this come to the U.S., but also, can we handle so much free wine?

Someone get on this, stat. Until then, we’ll just have to be satisfied with drinking our wine from a can.

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