The Winter Storm Jonas Is Here And We’ve Gathered Your Insta Posts For Solidarity

From DC to Cape Cod, the east coast continues to get slammed by Winter Storm Jonas. Some called for five inches of snow, others have called for 18 inches, all the while tidal surges of four feet have already been reported in coastal areas. Luckily, thanks to social media, those of us who aren’t there to experience the storm feel like we’re right there with you photographically inclined creatives…and it looks like you’re having a hell of a time.

There are, of course, the expected complaints and snapchats of a Netflix screen (“Netflix and chilly”), but those of you venturing out into the storm have posted some awesome images. Images of people telling Jonas to shove it and enjoying their day off, people taking advantage of a traffic-less BQE, kids sledding down hills and stairs that would normally have hundreds of people on them, and cross country skiers going on an adventure to find the nearest open bodega. The surf is up, my east coast friends. Don your thickest wetsuit and look at what this storm has brought. There are also photographers who just want to catch something different; a fashion shoot at a nearby street corner that has never had this much snow, perhaps.

Eleven states may have declared a state of emergency, but fortune favors the bold. Glance over these images for inspiration, and tomorrow build a snowman ten feet tall, because why the hell not? Summer will arrive soon enough. Enjoy this white stuff while it’s there.

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It snowded

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