Watching This Woman Eat Meat For The First Time In 22 Years Will Make You Crave A Good Steak

Hey. Hey you. Yeah, you. Hungry? If not, you’re about to be. A couple of minutes into this meat orgy of a video will send you from “Eh, I could eat something” to ransacking your fridge for any bit of animal flesh you can get your hands on.

Back when she was in fourth grade, The Onion’s Stephanie Potakis decided that she was going to abstain from eating all meat to do her part to “save the world.” Now, there are certainly health and ecological benefits to vegetarianism and veganism, and are valid lifestyle choices for people to make. However, there is also one undeniable fact: meat is delicious. According to The A.V. Club’s post, that’s precisely what drove Potakis back into the carnivorous life. She was so enamored with the smells meat at a rib festival she attended over the summer that she decided to introduce some lean meats back into her diet.

However, nothing that is consumed in the above video could ever be described as “lean.” Her coworkers decided that she should rejoin the meat eaters in the best way possible at Chicago steakhouse Swift & Sons, pulling out all the stops to help her achieve her foodgasm. Starting with a crispy chicken thigh and bone marrow and working her way up to A-5 Wagyu beef, it’s quickly clear that Potakis is never going back to the strictly veggie life again. There are other ways to save the world, Stephanie.

(Via The A.V. Club)