This Woman Was Sent Home For Wearing Flats; Her Response Led To Company-Wide Policy Change

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Wearing high heels is the pits. Anyone who says differently is BS’ing you. See? If wearing heels is “Chinese foot binding, but in modern form,” why is it okay for companies to force women to endure this pain every day? The answer is, IT’S NOT!

One London receptionist is taking a stand against company regulated footwear. That woman is 27-year-old Nicola Thorp, who says she was told to wear shoes with a 2 to 4-inch heel when she arrived at finance company PwC in December. After she refused to follow these instructions, Thorp was sent home. In response to being sent home, she decided to set up a petition demanding that the dress code be changed. It has since received 50,000 signatures which requires a government response.

This is madness. Imagine a world in which men were forced to wear swimmies, inflated to at least 2 inches, under their shirt so their arms looked bigger and their shirts seemed tighter. Do you know how long that rule would last? Literally, negative time. That rule would last the opposite of any length of time!

Forget the bloodied feet and missing toenails of the heel clad women working at Joey in Edmonton. The chafe induced whining from swimmy-wearing men would have those things in the trash faster than you can say “Wow, I think I’m finally starting to understand the painful realities of gender bias.”

Anyway, PwC did say that the dress code Thorp was expected to follow is not actually a “PwC policy” — which is confusing, but apparently they got away with it. They followed up with an announcement that all female employees could wear plain flat shoes or plain court shoes from that moment forward. No word yet on the swimmies.

(Via BBC)